Saturday, January 27, 2007

The People Have Spoken!....It's About Time!


C-dell said...

Protest is a very good way to get your point out. We don't do it as much anymore or as effectively. I learn about protest in history class from The civil rights and vietnam era. I don't know of any historic protest from now. I guess now we use the written word more. I would gladly take part in a protest.

David E. Patton said...

Well hello hello I haven't been doing much blogging other then posting to my site. It seem that winter have slowed me down, as today here in St. Louis it is windy and cold with tiny flacks of snow, so much so that I want take the block walk to get a cup of coffee. I wait with baited breath the arrival of spring to come and loosen up these old bones. Peace and love in this time of an unjustiflyable war.

cookie monster said...

im sorry, but the war on terror is fully and completely justified. if we pull out of iraq now, we leave ourselves ipen to attack. we need to completely and utterly eradicate/wipe out the threat form terrorists and giving up wont do that

Imran said...

War is a horrible tool to justify our existence and way of life.

It should be the last resort to defend that instead of selfish interests of a certain group or leader for power or profiteering at the expense of others.

Humans, we are so imperfect and war is the tool used casually now for supremacy.


Burfica said...

Hi Rhi....sorry I haven't commented in a bit. I have been reading though, and checking in.

Big hugggsssss

Lonely_Linger16 said...

Hi Rhiannon

Thanks for your comments for my blog... It been a long long time.... I have come to settled down in a new job...

Why is there war? Is it part of life as well? No ones know? Why is called a WAR?

W = Winning
A = A
R = Right

Thats what I call a war, cos the reason of having a war is one winnings its right.... with many sacrifices....

Its something which we as a person is too small to have effect on or to stop it....

all we can do is to pray to GOD to give them a direction

I always believe

" WHen GOD Bring us to it
HE will bring us through it "

With regards


Jim said...

why the fuck u guys entered IRAQ in the first place

OSAMA was the target