Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In The Place That I Sit.........

In the Place that I sit
In the Rooms that I Feel
In the Time and the Place
Where lucid is Real
In the Place that I Step
Going backwards and behind
In the Place that Cross's my Mind
I move Forward
But then fall back
I lose Faith
And lose track........

In the Place that I sit
nothing seems Real
In the Place that I sit
Is the Place that I Feel
in the Place that I sit
Will my Dreams become Real?

Poem written by Rhi (Barbara R.) Dec.ember 2006
Illustration by Connie Seabourn, from the book "Rainbow Spirit Journeys" by Wolf Moondance


Frances Mackay said...

Rhi lovely to hear from you. This poem is so wistful. I hope it is only the winter weather. So glad you got a blog going again. Hope 2007 will be a really great year. I have been too busy to keep up my blog but have started posting again today. (Part of my New Year resolutions ;o) Frances

Burfica said...

I hope you can sit and find your path and get on the track you need again.

big huggssss