Thursday, September 27, 2012

Voting Discrimination is a weapon upon we the citizens

I live in the state of Oregon. We have been voting via mail for many many years now.  We get our ballot and booklet info in the mail a few weeks before the election.  I vote in my own home. I go through everything and read all the info, then make my  decisions.  I sign my name and follow the mailing it back instructions.   I have a "registered voter card" in my wallet.  That should be good enough for anyone to be able to vote.  But I have not ever had to show it to anyone.  We have no problems here in our state in relation to "discrimination" or certain groups or people trying to "check us out" to see if we are a "valid voter". 

I find what a certain Political party is trying to do to make less people vote, (in order to win) by scare tactics, anger and such is "HORRIFIC"!  But you keep on spending all that money, by trying to scare people, because you will never ever win based on trying to get people to live in "fear".    Who wants to live that way anyway? We are a free country aren't we?  Right? Aren't we? 

Just something for all of us citizens to think about. You know what the right thing to do is...I know I do!  Vote!  Do not fear, stand up for your rights and march on and VOTE in this very important election.  Stop living in the past and "move on".  Okay, I'm ready for that!  Come together not "apart" and we in this nation will get through this and we will survive!


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