Saturday, September 08, 2012

Shell Shocked...first draft writing last night

Shell Shocked

It was as if
a tearing of my soul
my inner voice
just stood there
as if there was no choice
damaged, shell shocked
to the very core
of my being
my eyes and heart
not seeing
nor believing
what was true
all along......
in my sensitivity
and caring
I accepted you
into my life

My lesson to learn?
stay true to thyself
or watch yourself burn
go down
in flames
and drown
in the pain
watching your soul
turn to embers
becoming cold to the touch
the fires gone out
of me......
to be replaced
by thoughts of
"Where did I go"?
I  lost myself.......

To be continued...

Written Sept. 7th, 2012, by Rhiannon  
@copyrights Rhiannon (Barbara)


goatman said...

Set adrift in a sea of thought
I see your words and feel distraught
For I once felt the way you do
With only time to bring me through.

My hopes for better are with you.
And count those blessings . . .

Rhiannon said...

Thank you Goatman..kind of you to write a little "poem" for me..sweet and thoughtful as you always are.