Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recent photo of my younger sisters neice..and facing my fear....think it might have been worth it...

This is a recent photo of my niece sent to me the other day....I've not seen her in a long long time...more about this below in the third paragraph. Isn't she beautifu? proud of her...she's been on her own a long time just like me...we are kind of the "outsiders" of our family...I know she writes and does artwork that's very interesting.

Things are looking up for me "Now" the "moment" and it has really been quite an interesting week that's for sure! I looked at"my" side of "Things" and then turned the tables and looked at "his" side of things. Then I took a leap of far so good! One day at a time they say...and it's all I can do anymore. I'm glad I took the steps I did and once again faced my fear "head on"....sometimes it does bring you interesting "surprises"...A Pisces and a day at a time...we will see how things go.

Also my younger sister is getting much much better and she has gained weight and things look much better for her now , she's going to be ok. I hope she continues to "stay clean" and sober. She sent me a recent photo of her daughter, (my niece above) and she is now 27 (in the photo too) years old. I have not seen her in person nor a picture of her since she was 15 years old. When I looked at this photo above, I was stunned to see in her face the resemblance of so many people in my family! I saw her mother in her of course....but also looking at this photo I saw my older sister and one of my mothers sisters (who passed on years ago) aunt "Genie" who was tall, and had those beautiful cheekbones, just like my older sister does...and amazingly I saw my Father in her face also....and I even saw a little bit of myself in her face too. I am the "middle sister" out of the three of us. I tell you when I first looked at this photo (my younger sister e-mailed to me the other day) of her daughter, I just sat there staring at her, stunned, spell bound and seeing so much family resemblance it felt almost "eerie" sure has been interesting and lot's of changes of late...hope your all enjoying the holidays....mine just got a little bit better yesterday.....;o))

All for now blog friends,

Love Rhiannon


Kylita said...

Beautiful photo, Rhi ... so glad you were able to receive it and all that "bounced" off it for you, in a positive Light. You already know (if you read my email) that I am very happy you took your "1st step" with Mr. Scorpio. Artistic folks are so worth the effort, eh? My nephew and niece that I haven't seen in a long time are 27 and 28 now. I watched an old film last night with James Cagney and Bettie Davis and my Cagney in that film reminded me of Dana, my nephew. The movie was The Bride Arrived C.O.D." which made me really laugh. I wish you a very merry everything!!! Comfort and joy!

rox said...

what a beautiful girl, like her aunt!

Beach Bum said...

She is a knock out. Just hang tight Rhia, things will get better.

Muhd Imran said...

Wow! She is beautiful!

At first glance I thought you were pulling my leg... I though you posted a picture of a celebrity. I though she was the young Elizabeth Hurley. Those eyes!

Then I see some features of you in her. So... I am pretty sure you melted many guys' hearts back then too, huh.

Beautiful are you ladies, the talents that you have and the creations you, my dear friend, have conceived are equally impressive.

You are one of the people I know who have a beautiful heart and soul to complete the whole package. Just awesome!

Have a wonderful week ahead, beautiful friend of mine.

Carolyn said...

Your niece is gorgeous! To be young again and that pretty would be having the world by the tail. *sigh*

I'm so happy you've mended fences w/your friend. I didn't want to have to come kick his arse, lol! You're wise to take it a day at a time & let things happen naturally :-)

Bawstongirl2010 said...

omg-she looks just like you rhi! i am so happy your in touch with her again. good for you!

baby steps, baby steps. i am starting to trust someone too. lol we shall see what develops!!! ;)

have a wonderful christmas!

goatman said...

I am happy for your joy.

Have an egg noggy on me!

Michael Manning said...

This girl is absolutely beautiful and I can certainly see why you are proud of her. I wish she and your sister a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2010 Rhi with all good things!:)