Thursday, December 03, 2009

I know it's popular but couldn't resisting posting this adorable kitty witty.


Beach Bum said...

Just you wait a few hours, I have a video of my cat watching the toilet flush.

Devika said...

Hi Rhi,

Long, really long time since I came this way :)

That note on Thanksgiving was an interesting read, so was the poem set my spirit free,

Hope all is fine with you, dear :)


Lydia said...

Your snow and the Peace on Earth angel are delightful!

As many times as I've watched this video I still had to watch it here! Have you seen some of the parodies people have done at youtube? I also noticed that the originator put a (c) copyright by her name, which is a good idea since others are posting it at youtube also - making it look like it's their video. I saw only one person write in comments that it wasn't her video and she noted the name of the originator based on the number of hits (6.6 million and counting!). Why do people do that, re-post a video that is already there at youtube? I don't get it!

Have a wonderful weekend, Rhi.

Kylita said...

Oh how cute, and I've never even seen it before! What a little sweetie! Tuffy Boy is walking pass my legs under the desk right now. He rarely does that and it's such a treat for me. He usually rubs on material things like furniture, lamps, cupboards. He wants attention right NOW since I'm on here. Thanks for the cute kitty.