Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mysterious side...had fun making this collage..

I had fun sitting on the floor just fiddling around making this collage today.


Bawstongirl2010 said...

you just decided to sit down and fiddle and made this amazing collage today...i am totally amazed; you, my dear dreamweaver, are very gifted! i love the mix of textures and hues. you go girl!!!

Hale McKay said...

Wow! I like it.

Pretty good for just fiddling around.

Carolyn said...

That is beautiful! I would have thought you bought it from an art shop to hang in your new place if you had not said any different. You should definately hang it up!

Do you collect angel figurines btw?

Rhiannon said...


Yes, I do collect angel figurines? How ever did you know?:o) I used to have so many I had now here to put them all..but I've lost a lot of things in the last 2 years as you know. I don't have as much angel figurines and "praying women" and or "woman holding baby" kind of figurines. I always seek the figurines that are peaceful looking "mary" type faces or "saint" like with their hands in prayer or angel of all shapes and sizes. These figurines around me give me a feeling of peacefulness and spiriual "positive"'s always been that way.

I'm glad you all liked my collage. Really they are not hard to make at all just cut a bunch of pic or color patterns you like from magazine throw the pieces all in a box and cut out some cardboard and use "your imagination" and start sifting through the pieces. They even have books about how this is very good therapy for everyone..lets your feelings out..and it doesn't matter what the collage looks like it's more about putting your feelings down and putting the puzzle pieces of "yourlife" together!

Blessings to all,


Kylita said...

SisSTAR Rhi...I would call this more like "violining around" ;oD too magnificent to be fiddling.
I have loved to make cards and posters like these in the past, to go through tons of magazines and pick out any photos or artwork that I was drawn to...we'll have to do this one day, OK? Do you like Erte posters/artwork? Much of his work was awesome to me. I just knew you would be releasing your Creativity once you could have your own home. Evolving and solving and becoming more YOU!
I once wrote a little "quote" in flourishing letters:
Creativity is the Spark to Ignite
Great Displays of Divine Insight!
We had unbelievable storms today and tornados and lightning and serious rain and soon as I left work it had cooled down 15-20 degrees and the sun was beaming making the massive cloud formations all pinkish and awesome! I just feel so joyful!

Kylita said...

p.s. Love the malachite in the poster!

Carolyn said...

I just thought you might collect them! The reason I asked is that I have some (made of the resin material but are very pretty) that I don't have room for in my new place. I'm looking for a home for them. They are various size from only 2" to about 7" tall. I would love to give them to you if you would want them. No obligation on you though. My email is on my blog if you want to email about it and if you want them you can send me your address and I'll happily send them to you. :)

goatman said...

Very arty and serene, I like it.
The two polished agates are a nice touch depicting curves of nature akin to the curves of nature on the woman.
A nice meditation

Rhiannon said...

Carolyn, thank you so much..I would love your "precious" angels..and I'm so excited to receive your kind "gifts".

I'll e-mail you today.



Lisa Allender said...

Rhi--I'm scrolling through your recent posts, and commenting on each one. I'll be commenting at your current "Anniversary of Blogging" post, too! ;)