Friday, March 06, 2009

Got my own place to live!....and Enigma..."Return to Innocence" video

Hi all....Hope you enjoy the video's one of my favorite songs by Enigma. The video is well done with beautiful pics of wild life animals and nature.

I just got finished signing the last of the "finalized" paperwork for my new apartment! Yes, I move in towards the end of March or beginning of April! After more than two years of not having my own place to live this is such a blessing and such a gift...but I know in my heart that my constant discipline of learning to be patient, trying not to give up (which was so darn hard) and my perseverence paid off, along with knowing that spiritually I was being watched over in light.

March has always been my favorite month of the year, for I always love all the different aspects of weather through this's kind of like getting all the seasons of the year through the month.....snow, rain, dark clouds, puffy white clouds, storms, sun, wind, cold. warmth. I love it! But every March throughout my life it also seems that I get these miracles, gifts, and "dreams come true" that happen. Well, it will be my Birthday soon (March 11th) and my wish of getting a place to live for my Birthday has come true!...the best gift I could ever receive.

I will be doing a lot within the next month of organizing my move and since I've no furniture, I will be going to good will, target and wall mart stores to look for a few things that I hope to find and able to afford. It's a strange feeling of "starting fresh" no matter how little I have...through all this one of the main things I've learned is that "things" are just that "materialistic things" and they are not what I value in life...I'm happy with just what I need in order to live....."A simple life". So, this is one of the main things I have learned...something for all of us to think about, "our possessions" that what makes us happy? I think that's a good question and some food for thought.

See you soon after my move.

Love and Blessings to all of you..and thank you so much for all your kindness and friendships.



Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Dear Rhi,
Thanks for your mail and i am just so happy for you!!! Am going away for the weekend but my thougfhts are with you!
lots of love, Sarah sofia

Burfica said...

congratulations on the living space!!!!!!!

OOoO I love enigma!!!

Devika said...

Great news Rhi! :))

and its makes me so happy--
You would know its your comment at Andrew's that made to our interaction...and the first i noticed was you talking of the issue of homeless people in the US..

SO, you birthday is March 11 -- mine is March 15 :)

A very happy Birthday, well in advance -- if i might miss that day :)

God Bless
love, always

Kylita said...

A beautiful video and music. I'd heard it before and never knew who did it. I am the white mountain goat! ;o)
Thank you for keeping me informed, SisSTAR! I am so excited for you. Wish I was there to see your new home! A HOME, Rhi!!! Blessed Be.
SisSTAR Kylita
xoxo ^;^ prrrrrr

Muhd Imran said...


I am delighted to hear this news. Yes, you are a strong person and you have persevered long through hard times... never gave up and things look brighter in Mar, your favourite month.

You are an inspiration to anyone. Keep it simple, have faith in yourself and the higher power, never give up.

I am happy for you. All the best dear friend!

Lydia said...

Such wonderful news, Rhi. You have shown us all how to experience simplicity with gratitude and grace. And thank you for sharing the sweet video with us in celebratory union of friendship. You deserve the best birthday ever....and it seems you are about to have it!

Lydia said...

After leaving my previous comment I was inspired by you and another blogger to write a post in my Clutterquake blog. I linked to this post of yours.

You can read it after you get settled. And thanks again.

Lydia said...'s the link!

Brad said...

I am so happy too in hearing about your new apartment.
The news of your new apartment is the best kind of news.
Happy birthday to you and I agree that's the best gift :)
Keep in peace and happiness and all good things,

Carolyn said...

Rhi, I got your note on my blog and came to say "Yippee!!" I'm so happy for you. I would do a cartwheel if I could, lol! You are a true inspiration of faith and perseverance.

Let us know when you get moved in :)

goatman said...

I was so glad to hear of your good fortune that I smiled each time I thought of it that day. You deserve happiness and a space to work to your own desires and preferences.
My girl's birthday was the 7th; happy birthday to you, many Pisces about it seems.
I think that we like the old places and old times and old folks because of our curiosity as to how they lived; I know that I do. Evenings before gaslight reading maybe the only book in the house. Probably going to bed at dark, waiting for the sunlight to open a new day. Then comes electric and staring at the radio (this habit always intrigued me, perhaps prep for TV) staying up later to fill free time with books, magazines, letter writing or games. Expanding thoughts and contact with the lives of others. Kinda like blogging now, I expect.
I always like the old photos too. The sepia color and everyone usually dressed to the 9's for a family photo. I usually bother other diners when the restaurant posts old photos and I am wandering around perusing each one for clues and detail.
I guess we are creatures of the past, after maybe having lived there. Who knows??

Open windows and let in the scents of an Oregon spring (we lived in St Helens in '77): all I recall of spring are the wonderful scents hanging in the dense humid air, mostly pine it seems.


Erin said...

Huge congrats! I can't imagine what all you've learned.

(Found via Lydia at Clutterquake.)

jipzeecab said...

Congratulations on your new home and the fun you will have personalizing it.....and of course


sister celtic said...

Yeppers Congrats just checking in we prayed... I am soooo happy for you and will now finish your post make it your sanctuary.. you need a house warming or home warming gift send you address and phone # via e-mail please...