Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eyes Have.....

This is a poem I wrote the first year of my blog in 2005.
Thought I'd share some of my older poems from the first year I started my blog...since I've not time to post or write new ones right now....I hope you'll enjoy some of my older poems I will be posting for some of you that have maybe not been around to have read them. Hope you enjoy this one. I drew the eye also. I love drawing eyes...been doing that since I was just a child sitting in school in class drawing eyes all over my notebook pages..:o)

Eyes have shut

and blocked you out

Eyes have opened
and seen nothing but doubt

Eyes have cried tears
never knowing where to start

Eyes have looked through a soul
and its broken heart

Eyes have looked away
with nothing to say

Eyes have softly closed the door
and run away

Eyes have expressed words
through shadows of despair

Eyes have hid in a room
without a smile

Eyes have flooded
with pain and sorrow
all the while

Eyes have been cleansed
through a tear
so clear......

*Eye drawing Artwork drawn by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) and poem written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) *copyrights owned by Rhiannon (Barbara R) December 2005

Monday, November 24, 2008

I found these lovely photos of Jim and Pamela..

II fount these lovely photos of Jim and Pamela (his common law wife) on a web site and had never seen them before...they are incredible photos and I'm trying to find out who the photographer was...if I do I will write it in this post. Meanwhile I thought of a few of Jim and the doors songs that to me seemed to fit to the theme of each photo and then I added the text. Thee photos are incredible there is so much love, passion and peacefulness in them. It's nice that they both shared wonderful moments like this together before they passed on "to the other side". I always felt that Jim was just here on earth at that time for a short time, as it seemed he had already lived a very interesting life in another lifetime..."time space" or whatever....he came from another time...long long ago in ancient times....and to some he never made sense what he wrote sang or said..but as for me I think I felt a "connection" in his poetry and I still don't know why I just did...from the very beginning and until he passed on. Maybe meeting him way back when might have been part of it. I hope you enjoy the photos....Rhi

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For Muhd Imran and your family..especially your Father....

I wish Angel Blessings all around your Father, You and Your Family during this moment in time Imran..

Your Friend across the other side of the World,