Friday, September 19, 2008

Political Spin....

Deliberation of generations
political sin
political spin
political "win"......

Dressed in elaborate armor
of denial
as the body count
grows higher
and the walls are built
with "Fear"
being it's victory.......

As heads turn
and look the other way
in shame
knowing full well
the emperor
has no clothes......

*Democracy isn't something forced upon people
for if it was, then it would be called a Dictatorship, not a "Democracy". Let's all come together and agree to disagree...let's all understand that just because others think and feel different views than us doesn't always make anyone "right" or "wrong...lets come together in diversity and mutual respect for one another* and lets stop the petty anger and "lies of deception" in this campaign for the president of the united states. Let's stop being "divided" (I don't understand why people want to keep going down that road) let's become connected and lets move forward not "back". Let's blend the "so called" blue and red states together into a beautiful color of purple..this is a young teenager that suggested this to me and others..what a wise thought! We adults could learn much from some of the younger generation..

Let our next president be more rational, calm, "mature", less angry less divided and less bitter for "revenge" and "attack" type views on the world. Let our next president have the courage to pick many people in his administration with different views and ideas and may he hear all of them and weigh the consequences of his decisions before he makes them. May he not just "dive" in and make rash quick decisions without taking the time for negotiations and understanding of how it will affect the people of this country and all the countries in this world. May he be calm in the midst of a we will know that we can trust his judgment and character and he will not keep changing his mind to "fit" what will make him popular or "win"...may he have true character and continue on in his strong beliefs for "change" real "change"..and may we all support him in his courage to finally change this country for the better...regardless of some people wanting to keep going "back" to the same ole things that have not's time to give us all a chance for "change"..take a risk...and please vote for this election could be the most important election in our lifetime..

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Even if you may disagree with all or anything I have stated here it matters not..I still love you and hope for the best for all of we live in the present and also move forward to a more brighter and hopeful world..yes we can!..:o)

Blessings to all,


Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) Sept. 18th, 2008 Copyrights owned by Barbara R.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Misty Dreamer....and my Poem......

This has always been one of my favorite poems, and my artwork and graphics I put together for the theme of this poem post.

Misty Dreamer

Weaving her web
of hope, wishes and desires
riding out the current
as gravity pulls her back in.......
to reality...
But she always goes back
back to her dreams
they keep her safe
she flows through the tragedies in life
on to another realm
another dimension...

She's faced the monsters
time and time again
now she only looks
to her very true friend
her Dreams....

In her Dreams
there are stories to be told
knowledge to be learned
messages to be shared
visions to be shown
and intuition to be felt....
Another reality that she has traveled
another path that she walks
in that other dimension
that she calls her Dreams...

Is she going back?
back to another life?
that she lived long ago
an ancient Spirit
an old Soul?
that lived long before this lifetime
that she was born into
not of this world any longer
but connected in Essence
to the Universe
of Mystic knowledge
in the realm
of her Misty Dreaming....

Princess of her Spirit
Keeper of her Soul.

Drawing and graphics by Rhiannon (Barbara)poem written by Rhiannon (Barbara) August 1st, 2006
Copyrights owned by Barbara R.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Blog award picks go to....

Well I'm highly honored to be given the award of favorite blog that inspires...Riversoul nominated me so thank you! You can click on his name above to find his blog "Silent Recollections". He's got a great high tech artsy and poetic blog and also with his opinions and thoughts about "life".

Now I'm given the task to give blog awards to 4 of my favorite blogs that inspire here they are..congratulations to all of you..

1. Kylita

She greatly inspires me with her truth and just being who she is..and being "open" in her thoughts and feelings in her blog... She is a very courageous soul who speaks her "truth"...she is also a great writer in writing of her thoughts and fun times with nature etc..and she can go very deep. I'm so proud to have gotten to know her in the blog world and consider her a "friend and comrade" for we have so much in common in our lives and our "sisterhood of the code" read top upper left of my blog.

2.Ardi's blog River Tree Whispers

Ardi is a very gentle soul..and writes such beautiful poems about "soul" and the beauty of mother nature..he's been connected with me on my blog almost since I first started it...

3.Imran PAL

That stands for "passionate about life" and he writes wonderful stories about his life and family and the things they do and and the experiences they and he have..and he also shares his sorrows in such a very heartfelt understanding way.
He also takes beautiful photos of nature his family and the places they go and see..he is a very very kind gentle man that lives a life with his family in Singapore...and he has shared so much about the way of life and the beauty there in his country.

4. Andrew
Past Tense

Andrew writes beautiful Haiku poems..that's where you can only use so many words to put together a poem that says a lot just in a few words..I'm not quite sure of the specifics of how that works but if you click on Andrews blog above you can find out more and also look at the photos he takes and puts them into the theme of his poems..and of course you all know I kind of try to put a pic or art work that fits with the theme of my poems..if you go through my archives you will see a lot of that throughout Andrew and I really like to do that..but his photos are really so beautiful..he does a great job..oh and did I also mention he has published a book of his poems titled "Tangled in Wisteria"

Well all 4 of you win this award of blogs that inspire me..and now the 4 of you that won these awards can put that you won the blog award that inspires at the
top of your blog to! Also the 4 of you might want to pick 4 of your favorite blogs that inspire you and award them also in one of your post. But only if you feel like pressure from me! I'm not into the "chain blog" deals..this is all in fun in picking the best blogs I enjoyed. .I hope all my blog friends will check out these 4 blogs and see what wonderful blogs they are..

I'm sorry that most of this post is all underlined. I have no clue what happened and I tried to fix it but this has taken me a very long time to put this post together so I'm not going to worry about it So, congratulations to you all for winning this award..I commend you all for having wonderful blogs..

Love and Blessings,