Wednesday, July 04, 2018

4th of July...An older post I wrote in 2006 for 4th of July still rings true for me now....think about it..

So true especially now in 2018!

Today I see nothing to celebrate. Today I am fasting in my contribution to peace in this world. I also fast in acknowledgement of feeling the pain of so much starvation , suffering and hunger in this world when I truely believe it doesn't have to be!

4th of July, Independence Day
and I see nothing to celebrate
Power, arrogance, lies and Pride
toss them aside...

Believe whatever you hear?
Believe it in your own disconnected "Fear"?.....
Fireworks setting off more sparks
of Denial
Boom, Bang
reminding me of gunfire, combat, bloodshed
bodies blown
Spirits unknown
Spirits unshown
too many we see
please set their spirits free!

Remove the mask
This war must not last
nor continue
Gun blast
lies from the past
only to show
bottom line
messed up
and warped minds
with excuses
and reasons
and lies
to deceive...

I've removed my mask
and opened my Eye's
as a tear forms..

The America I now see
false reality
Fear breeds violence
and threats
as we realize
more of our freedoms
are being taken away
hour by hour
day by day
as this country slowly fades
to a misty grey haze
of oppressed walls of protectionisims...
And we call this Freedom?.

Drawing by Rhiannon (Barbara)
Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) July 4th, 2006 on this our supposed day to celebrate our so called "Independence".
Seems more like a celebration of superpower mentality, with a lot of denial and fear tossed into this so called
"celebration" I do not celebrate 4th of July this year, instead I fast and I shed a tear..

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Owen said...

Four years on it still rings very true indeed. We live in strange times, and they are getting stranger with each passing year...