Friday, June 04, 2010

Conduct and Instruct.....this poem I wrote 4 years ago seems to still be our countries same ole biggest issue...Intolerance!

Conduct and Instruct

Tell me your Reality?
How it should be?
State your case
step by step
Institute the lies
that fit your needs
state them over and over
sew your seeds
Conduct and Instruct....

Dare someone ask a question?
Or have a different opinion
or thought?
what would your response be?
"you just don't see" you say..
"I only see your eyes closed
and your ears covered" I replied...

Conduct your own Orchestra
and Instruct the notes
to be all the same
with fixed cemented brains
that never ravel
or veer in another direction
no Connection
Closed in
tightly wound
and never found...

Written by Rhiannon May 18th, 2006 *Copyrights owned by Barbara* (Rhiannon)


Lydia said...

You poem is appropriately angry. From the time we are kids we are told to color inside the lines. Here's to all rebels!

It is raining SO HARD right now...going on day 21 of straight rain.

Kylita said...

Great poem, SisSTAR Rhi! Some things never change, but if we make our changes individually, the world around us might change somehow by person at a time. Your poem is very honest and true. It can be so difficult when there is intolerance all around. Be the change, be the peace and tolerance, be the wise one. Be Free! Sending love and respect,
SisSTAR K xo

Suzan said...

I know you are quite a lovely poet (and philosopher).

But are you also a seer?

I'm so impressed with your site. And we're both huge Jim Morrison fans.

Found you at Goatman's.

May I blogroll you?

Thanks for being out there!


Institute the lies
that fit your needs


Beach Bum said...

with fixed cemented brains
that never ravel
or veer in another direction

Honestly, sometimes I do not believe humans are an intelligent species because very few can veer off the path that parents, ethnic group, culture, religion, or civilization trains then to stay on.

Humans are in many ways as mindlessly tied to instinct to as a virus or bacteria.

goatman said...

"Tightly wound" indeed can be me sometimes. There seems to be a residual tightness, tension, fight or flight response always ready. What is next? Will it be necessary to respond?
Ready for action are my musculature . . . but time now for rest and ease. Bless my sleep.