Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dimensional Sunglasses...

See the Tigress in me
but unable to unleash
my Femininity...
It's hidden inside
my vulnerability
to protect from all sides
keep me safe from harm
is it time for me
to disarm?
Remove my sunglasses?
Let the Sun reflect my soul?.....

People walk blind
feeling no connection
with their spiritual sunglasses on
hidden in dimensional diguise
free from the truth
spreading all the lies.
Life is great
Life is never crooked
nor do we ever
make a mistake....

Straight ahead is a blazing Fire
burning to the touch
we're walking on hot coals
pretending there's no pain
pretending there's no sorrow
pretending there's no shame...

Only the light Reflects
what we cannot
or refuse to see
when wearing our dimensional sunglasses
we are covering up true reality..

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) June 6th, 2006
*Copyrights owned by Barbara*

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