Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Denial is Blind....

Denial is Blind
Boggles the mind
friendly or unkind,
Starting a fire
out of control
hard to hold
never let go
hang on.....

Bind hands
so tightly
unable to losen
or set free...
holding on
to False reality,
with a grip
so fierce
boggles the mind,
as the soul is pierced
unable to find
what's ahead
what's real
and what's true,
beyond your own existence
of "you".

*A thank you to Ardi for helping to encourage me to gain inner strength to "Connect* to others with my words "once again"*

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) May 2006
*Copyrights owned by Barbara*


ardi k said...

Beautiful, Rhi. Keep up the poetry. I like how easy it seems to flow for you. And love the golden sun in a black background. Sometimes the light is so bright it can blind us. But always there is a center of Love--a spark of divine being.

Burfica said...

yeah what ardi said. hehehehe

I'm still here stalking rhi. I'm gonna get my shit together soon, and I'll be writing you soon.

big hugggsssssssssssssss

burning_fingers said...

This is great....and true for many people I think!