Thursday, November 07, 2013

Memories of good times in my life in the mid 70's

"Me" outside and inside..,in the mid 70's

My hair, kind of spiky short on top
like Linda McCartney
but the rest of my hair
very long
reddish brown color
huge hoop earrings
low rise flared jeans
backless crop top
tied around my neck
my belly button
and stomach
for all to see
usually barefoot
bottom eyelashes
lined inside with
dark brown pencil
slightly smudged
black mascara
on top eyelashes
sunblock lotion
always on my face
every day
no other face make up
but lip gloss...
remember when 
it used to all be
kind of "natural" then?

My life seemed so carefree
I felt so free
didn't worry about much
lived in the moment
driving my seafoam VW bug
down Laurel canyon
with my music blasting
singing to the songs
I'm on the way to the beach
all the other people
in cars 
headed for home

from suntanning all day...
I was headed to the beach
to watch the sun go down
and the moon come up
I've arrived!
Walking down the rock path
taking me down
to the sand
and the sea
just me
running in the sand
my hair flying
with the ocean breeze
the ocean is
calling to me
sticking my feet

in the water
sitting on the sand
the cool sand
looking at the ocean
waves quietly lapping
yet so quiet
running back 
to the shore again
as the tide rolls in
sticking my toes in
feeling the gravity
of the pulling sensation
of water running
through my feet
jeans wet
all the way
up to my knees
who cares?
of a day
slowly ending
turning to night
as the sun shines
like golden embers
fading down 
against the ocean view..
Moon coming up
getting brighter
watching a sunset
and a moonrise
my favorite time
sitting on the sand
watching it
feeling it
feeling totally connected
to mother nature
a sense of peace
and blissfullness
inside of me
Nature and I
at one
feeling completeley

looking around 
no one else here
on the beach
wow...I thought
what they are missing
all were there to get their tan?
during the day?
then all go home
so I can have
this beauty 
all to myself....
I'm kind of feeling
like my Pisces 
Mermaid self...

What a moment 
of time
to remember
a wonderful
beautiful memory...

I have not been to the ocean for many years now.
I miss it's kind of like that for me now.
I miss so many things
I want back..
but onward I go
to who knows where?

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goatman said...

I've been to three oceans and miss them each. Beautiful blue-green water in the gulf, white sand and suns heat. Torrents and rocks off Oregon; big hills to slide down to rocky beach, too cold to swim. Too many people on Atlantic but nice when its rainy and walking thru with thoughts/ no thoughts, drifting thru the time in the cloudy misty.