Monday, October 28, 2013

Lou Reed...

Rest in Peace Lou Reed.  A monumental "alternative rocker" with underground radio "in the day".   Lou had unique guitar licks (very blunt and basic but it worked wonderfully) and oh how I loved "Sweet Jane", "Oh what a perfect day", etc..etc.  I still have the Velvet Underground album from Andy Warhol, with the Banana on the cover, and Nico in their group then.  Along with having 4 other albums from Lou in my collection of albums I've kept all these years.. 


 Hey "Walk on the wild side" buddy.  Will miss you. You lived a much longer life than most expected, I know. Long live Lou Reed's memory!


goatman said...

Onliest one I have of his is "White Light White Heat" which has on it "Sister Ray" which is a rolling beat, very engaging and ratchety.

Oxford, Ohio (Miami U) Circa 1968, student puts speakers on high in the dorm window and plays " Heroin" to the quadrangle. It took awhile for the "authorities" to identify the perpetrator so a good time was had by all! Actually, most of the students were pretty straight, then. C'ept us!!

Rhiannon said...

Good memory goatman! I have "White Light White Heat" also.

I used to play that song all the time, it's on the (as I call it) "Banana" album!

Hope your enjoying the Fall.