Wednesday, May 08, 2013

This is dedicated to my Father's passing....Melanie Safka: For My Father (1969)

My Father really loved music, all kinds, just like me. I think I inherited my love of music from him. He was a Pisces just like me. He got me my first record player at the age of 4, because he knew I was going to love music for the rest of my life. He saw my eyes light up with joy, upon opening that very "special" Christmas present, of a record player. He knew I would be so happy receiving this from him.

I would also come home and find my Father in my room, playing all my Melanie albums. "hey this is good stuff here, I just love these Melanie songs and her unique voice" he would say. Dad I dedicate this song to you. From your Loving daughter.

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Hello there! I haven't spent much time in the blog world over the past few years but got back online and recently started blogging on Booksie. I like it a lot better than blogger. Anyway, we used to read each others posts several years ago. I'm just making contact and saying hi. My new name is JJs Pen House on Booksie. Hope to hear from ya!