Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Annie Lennox - Why


Lydia said...

This is a song I treasure. Am so glad you posted it for me to listen to tonight after reading your editorial about the 8th anniversary of your blog. I remember when you thought you might stop blogging and I was so worried and then so glad that you changed your mind. I hope you never give up on this beautiful blog, Rhi. Never apologize about what you may be into posting at any given time, because it is all perfect for the time it showcases. And this time for you seems to be desperately scary. I am worried about your welfare and urge you to continue "talking" about your frustrations and fears at your blog (who can afford talk therapy?) I am sending special thoughts of strength your way. If either of the two St. Patrick's Day Lottery tickets I splurged for happens to be a winner I will help make things better for you!
Love, Lydia

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Early Eurythmics when it was all Dave Stewart recording on a cheap 8 track recorder - those were Annie's best days

Why - is one of her better solo efforts

goatman said...

I think I started my blog in 06. Doesn't seem like that long from now but looking over the posts, they have developed as have yours. A place for expression, voices in time, talk therapy.

I have never seen one of those eyelash benders used before. Why did she do only one eye?
I loved the breezy music of her.