Friday, February 10, 2012

Branching out....

My Heart and Soul
is like a small tree
becoming more "rooted"
with growing and "branching out"
towards the "inner beauty"
that rises up
and stands tall
facing the billowing 
soft white clouds
in the Mystical blue sky
of life's  eternal reincarnation....

Written by Rhiannon:  January 4th, 2012
Copyrights@owned by Barbara R. (Rhiannon)


goatman said...

Nice words.
Just a thought but looking at the photo I wondered if the tree inverted would grow leaves on the roots and the leaves would become mulch for the developing roots. I have seen roots grow off of limbs near the water.
Yeah, I know . . . it's a goofy thought.

Lydia said...

Strong poem, Rhi. You will always be a close-to-nature woman, I think.

I am awestruck by the drawing of the woman with the windswept hair. You are such a great don't even realize how great. ♥