Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I dedicate all 3 of these Melanie Safka songs and posts in memory of her partner & Husband Peter Safka, who passed on last year...they were together for over 40 years


goatman said...

Thanks for the presentation. I have not seen the sea since the sea seen me! I hope to see it once again before I go.
I should teach the sea my song.

Lydia said...

Your knowledge of the musical scene is so vast, Rhi. I really appreciate that. In fact, it is your introducing me to Kate Bush that made me think of you when I read <a href=">THIS POST</a> minutes ago!

I am playing it really low-key for the holidays. The goal is low stress, and just get through it, with energy to spare for volunteering on the Obama campaign in 2012. Thinking of you, and I will think of you when I get Kate Bush's new cd (it sounds great).

Aadiahh said...


Great that you dedicated these songs to the wonderful Melanie.
She is amazing.
Her husband's name was Peter Schekeryk.Safka is Melanie's maiden name.