Monday, October 10, 2011

Stevie Nicks: Love Is (Live @ Madison Square Garden) video wiggles a little but she is wonderful singing my fav song live...she is still beautiful as ever...

March of 2011 live, she sings this song so heartfelt...please be patient someone did this video with their digital camera, so it wiggles in the middle on and off but there are some great closeups of her singing one of my very favorite songs by her.  Oh, my dear Stevie,  another "Gypsy Soul" still evolving.  Who would know you are 65 years old?....yet so young at heart....and so very beautiful on the inside also...yet,  an old soul for sure. 


Michael Manning said...

She looks and sounds remarkable, at any age. I am heartened that she is touring and hope to see her soon. Hope you're off to a great weekend Rhiannon!

goatman said...

She still does the concert circuits.
A true trooper for music.

Muhd Imran said...

A talented soul. Just beautiful.

I'm into listening Adele, the British singer. Awesome, husky voice and simple music with lots of meaning when you read the lyrics.

Her new album, 21 is totally awesome. It grows on you and her words get stuck in my mind.

Take a listen. I think you will like her too, if not already.

Rhiannon said...

I like Adele already Muhd...her husky voice and her songs are very unique.

Now how did you know I already liked Adele?...:o)

Hope your all doing well and enjoying Autumn or whatever season it might be where you live.