Sunday, March 06, 2011

My sister and friends are throwing me a party on my 60th Birthday!

I'm looking forward to my Birthday party.  It will be the first Birthday party thrown for me in the last 15 years!!...and I'm finally up for a celebration.  I will blow out 6 candles only though, not 60!  I hope all my friend will be able to fit into my small apartment...not enough chairs, so some will be sitting on the floor.  My sister has been putting the party together and I don't have to do anything she's a first...I just get to sit back and relax!  I've mostly spent the last 15 of my Birthdays alone and every once in a while I would buy myself a little cake and put a candle on it and sing happy birthday to myself...I was okay with that though...I've learned being on your own for so long to embrace the silence and precious time to myself...I still need this and always will...but I am looking forward to knowing I actually have true friends and that I have my sister in my life now.  Kind of a real little family in my life now.  A definite reason to celebrate!


goatman said...

I am most happy for you. Your joy is enticing and makes me happy. I would join you as surprise, were I closer and not here in midwest in the spring rain.

Sitting on the floor used to be the standard -- keep up the tradition my friend.
(beanbag chairs?)

Kylita said...

Happy Birthday, Rhi! Thank you for your call Saturday evening. We were out and about with a friend who has only visited twice this yr so far. Sorry I missed it. Sounds like you had a nice birthday and I hope your party was fun for you. You deserved a nice one since you always do nice things for others. I hope your decision to end things with your friend is what you truly want. I trust it is. You can't save you haven't given it lots of chances, eh?
Our temps are supposed to get to the 50s and maybe 60s this week but we've had lots of rain. I hear the road grader out there filling in all the ruts and holes in our dirt road we live on. Yay!!!
Glad you liked the little card and bookmarker. I figured if it was the yr of the Metal Rabbit, it surely must be the yr of the Metal Cat, too, eh? ;oD
Let's truly hope for much more "Rabbit Year" peace... the World sure needs it tremendously!
SisSTAR xo