Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Couldn't think of a better song to post with the horrific shootings in Arizona...Jennifer Warnes - Easy To Be Hard

Lets stop all the hate and anger and ease into peace and's definitely time to wake up out of our deep sleep of denial, hatefulness and the "blame game" of this constant finger pointing.....Let's come together once again...time to move towards a much more peaceful time....of love, understanding and compassion for one another.  Take a stand and choose peace over discord, hate and division. "Dream on" to a real reality of "The Dream"....and it will'll a part of it all...and don't just look the other way...or we will never make the "changes" that are needed in this country and the world.

Love and Blessings to all,

Love Rhiannon


Kerry Adams Conway said...

Hello, my dearest, Rhiannon. How it warms my heart to find you composing and sharing your heart. I have missed you, my dearest friend. I have been spreading my wings and growning; but the flight home is always the one I look most forward to. Tis good to be back.

Blessed be!

All my love, always...


goatman said...

I am afraid it may take more than a few folks getting shot to limit the gun nonsense. How 4 million NRA members can control the laws on guns is really beyond my comprehension.

I hope for a better world, but it seems it may take a more severe example of bad results to create one.
But I could be, and hope I am, wrong.

Have a nice new year with many happy surprises.