Thursday, September 09, 2010

Melanie - Mr. Tambourine Man

I always thought Melanie's version of this song was the best. Bob Dylan even met up with her many many years ago and he said upon hearing her sing his song he thought she sang it in such a beautiful poetic way that it was his favorite version and better than his own version. I agree it's like she is singing and speaking the song at the same very beautiful....give it a takes you back to our hearts and souls.


Lydia said...

Well, that was totally beautiful...right down to the final instrumental notes. Thank you, Rhi.

Gonna go check out your new blog now!

Kylita said...

OMG! You will think I'm "copying you" (copy cat ^;^) but just today on 9/11 I posted Melanie's Candles in the Rain!!! And I hadn't seen your blog since before this post! How cool, eh? Great minds think...! I will enjoy your musical posts and I hope you will enjoy mine. I am thoroughly enjoying a new aspect of my blog and facebook posts in music. I always LOVED Melanie.
It's pouring rain out for 3 hrs now and that will help everything. Temps are low 70s or less. Love it! and you ;oD
klh-keep laughin' honey!