Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Captain for Dark Mornings....video song, written and sung by Laura Nyro....

This is one of Laura Nyro's beautiful songs from "New York Tendaberry" my favorite album of all time...yes I said of all time!..if you read the reviews of this album on Amazon.com you will read many stating the same opinion that I have about her..there is no one else like her and there never will be. She was a true artist and spirit..and fame and money was never her goal....it was always about her passion, her soul, her spirit her creativity of her "Art".

What a talent she was..prolific, beautiful poetic lyrics, passionate, funky and she wrote and produced most of all her songs along with playing her piano and she had names of colors for musical notes..thats the way she saw notes..in colors... She spoke her own special musical language and expression with her unique words..like "keys" meant something else."...captain" meant her man...etc..etc...she wrote and sang "Eli's coming", I disliked the hit songs of it by others...Laura sang it so different so beautiful..maybe I will post that next. Most other artist sang some of her songs and had hits out of them but when you hear her sing the originals you go "say what"???

To me all of Laura's songs were like musical plays.....you could envision and use your imagination and "feel and see them"...what she was singing and the notes and well it's just too hard to explain..they all told a story and she went up and down in voice range all over the place. This song is about 35 years old...and I never tire of hearing any of her songs and music..never...I have all of her original albums..

Laura your spirit lives on in your music..thank your for your short time here on earth...and now an angel in spirit from above still singing in your beautiful rapture. Thanks for letting me share this with you all...Rhiannon

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Drawing of Linda Ronstadt.....

I drew this drawing of Linda Ronstadt when I was in my late 20's. I remember I had only done a few of these "White drawings" on black paper...it was not easy as the light and shadows are just the opposite! It was a good unique way to teach the brain something, a different way of drawing and looking at things...but very hard. Look at all the details of the musical equipment and those huge headphones in those days!...wow was that difficult and boy do I remember I was so determined to finish this and so I did! Notice the pig on her t-shirt? She loved pigs still does I think.

I have most of all my original drawings I've kept through all these years in my portfolio. Or I've sold some originals through the years but then decided to sell more prints so I can keep the originals. I haven't sold anything in over a year due to the expense of making prints and the special glossy paper and the amount I had to put out to frame and ship them off. I haven't sold a lot through my life but I have sold them throughout my life if that makes any sense?

Anyway I remember I had only done a few of these "White on black" drawings. I hope to sell more of my Artwork down the road so I can make some extra money to help me be able to pay my rent when I get my housing soon I hope. Due to being on disability now it's a rough road but there is so much I'm greatful for like still being alive and around and kicking and able to walk! With the brain damage I've recently found out I have (and have had for years apparently) and my vision problems, I am not able to draw much like I used to. My hands shake..but I can still write my poetry..thank you Angels for that! Remember this drawing is old so a bit worn and faded..but it's the real thing!..............Hope your all enjoying the Holidays...Love and Peace, Rhiannon.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

The winds of time...calming the waters..

May motherearths nature force slowly begin to breath again in quiet contentment....may harsh winds become soft breezes and may the rage become at peace in soft abandon.... may we, "souls of humanity", open our eyes to the light behind the darkness...may our ears hear the beautiful calling of the Angel spirits and Heavens essence wrapping soft safe angel wings around our sorrow, pain and heartache...we are not alone for "after the storm" is the beauty of the lesson..."We all need each other we all are connected".....please don't wait for the disasters to happen before we awake from our deep sleep of ignorance....its time for a healing here for the whole country, the whole world, lets not hide behind our eyes, but let them open to "the Souls of Humanity".....We are not alone "Angels are watching over us".....