Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year of the Fire Pig......

February 18th, 2007 was the start of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Pig.

This year, the year of the Pig aspect is yin and the element is Fire.
This combination only happens every 60 years.

Fire Pig : Feb. 1947 and 2007

The Fire Pig is bold, vivacious, and motivated.
They don't think twice before taking a risk
and nothing can deter them from a goal once set.
These attributes and strengths of the Fire Pig will generally affect
this whole year (starting yesterday Feb. 18th) in whats going on in the the world
according to Chinese astrology. So, lets all get motivated and determined
for a big change in the world, for standing up for all of our freedoms,
rights, and most of all for Love, Peace, Compassion and Understanding for others....
As musician Elvis Costello sang in one of his songs
"Whats so funny about Love, Peace and Understanding"?
I say ABSOLUTEY NOTHING is funny about it at all...NOT AT ALL!

Angel Blessings,


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Weapon of Mass Destruction...looking in the Mirror

At times I can be a bit bold.......soooooooo...........
Let our President and his Administration accept and take some personal responsibility
for their's about time to ask "how did we get to this point"?....Doesn't
take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
Iran asked to meet with us a few times during the first few years of this war and our
president said repeatedly "No, we will not meet, talk or negotiate with the axis of evil"!
I'm not defending Iran just trying to make a point...and as sad as it is for me to
say, I had to agree with what Putin said the other day about how America (Big Brother) has
frightened and angered so many countries into such a fear of protecting and defending themselves against "us", not just terrorist!...what has become of us???!! We are acting
like such "Seperatist" and "we are always right and oh so powerful"...scary!
Look in the mirror Mr. President.
"Enemy Mine"...anyone ever see that movie "Enemy Mine" by the way? Very Interesting movie.
Angel Blessings for more Love, Compassion "Wake up calls" and PEACE NOW!