Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year of the Fire Pig......

February 18th, 2007 was the start of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Pig.

This year, the year of the Pig aspect is yin and the element is Fire.
This combination only happens every 60 years.

Fire Pig : Feb. 1947 and 2007

The Fire Pig is bold, vivacious, and motivated.
They don't think twice before taking a risk
and nothing can deter them from a goal once set.
These attributes and strengths of the Fire Pig will generally affect
this whole year (starting yesterday Feb. 18th) in whats going on in the the world
according to Chinese astrology. So, lets all get motivated and determined
for a big change in the world, for standing up for all of our freedoms,
rights, and most of all for Love, Peace, Compassion and Understanding for others....
As musician Elvis Costello sang in one of his songs
"Whats so funny about Love, Peace and Understanding"?
I say ABSOLUTEY NOTHING is funny about it at all...NOT AT ALL!

Angel Blessings,



dreaming firefly said...

It's kind of surprising to know that you too read up and know a little about Chinese New Year.. :)

Has been quite a while..
Hope you have been fine..

Burfica said...

each year I wish for better than the year before. Always holding the hope that as I try to do better, so will the rest of society.

Imran said...

It is amazing how much interest and knowledge you have about the Chinese culture. Awesome!

This note is powerful and motivating. A good start to doing things better. Change for the better.

I like Burfica's note... "as I try to do better, so will the rest of society." My hope as well.

PS: Cute piggy, and I think it's smiling in the new year!