Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Turning over a new leaf...the other side of the coin...and "Change"

Reflecting: The other side of the Coin

We all tend to look at just one side of a coin
we rarely turn it over to see whats on the other side.

Upon Reflection, it's easy to see
how we also do this in life
with other people.
It's rather like tunnel vision
never really seeing whats to the right
nor left, but just looking straight ahead
of us, a form of tunnel vision through
our eyes, minds, hearts and souls.

Upon Reflection, what would happen
if we actually turned the coin over to the other side?
Something, we've maybe never noticed or paid attention to before?
A different perspective
a different scene
a different insight
a different reality?

Upon Reflection, I've come to the conclusion
that I"m just as guilty as anyone else
only seeing one side.

Though I've written often about always trying to listen
and see "the other side" so as to try to understand others
I see clearly now
I've been maybe too busy trying to explain and get people to understand
my "side of the coin" because of the way my life seems so different
than many of my generation of Americans and the "status quo".
Yes, it hurt me to know that many rarely understood my side of the coin
no matter how hard I tried to explain, I found myself at times actually
almost being forced to defend and explain
trying to "prove" my "side" time after time.
Yet I felt I was always willing to look at others "side of the coin".
Or was I?
Upon Reflection, maybe not
I suppose I could honestly say
it wasn't done purposedly
but because of my old wounds of rarely being heard
not being in a "status quo" "box"
but "outside the box".

I put so much effort and wasted so much energy
on others judgement and false assumptions
about me.....always saying "Walk a mile in my moccashoes then you can
judge me" mentality,, that I feel maybe it's time to get some new "maccashoes"
to walk in....yours and mine....comes in all shapes and sizes
and we can share walking in them together.

Upon Reflection, maybe it's time to find some shiny new
reflecting coins...
I will lay them out all in a row

and turn each one over
and only then will my perspective "change"
Reflecting a different scene
a different side
a different story
to the "other side of the coin".

The lesson begins
my journey begins
turning over a new leaf
and a shiny new coin
to Reflect the other side..

*The pic above is one of the large leafs (from my big tree in my front yard)
that I put in my scanner and then turned over a dime and set it on the
leaf and then scanned it and then I added the text myself.

*Written by Rhi (Barbara) November 14th, 2006 *Copyrights owned by Barbara

**This post is dedicated to my blog friend "Dreaming_firefly"
who through her writings on her blog
have helped me to try and understand
that there are always "two sides to a coin".
Thank you for your great wisdom and the lessons
that I have learned from you.

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Dreaming_Firefly said...

Hello Rhiannon...
Sorry about the late response.
I have been busy with my exams which are coming to an end soon.
It has been so long since you last put up a post. Nice to see you back in the world of writing again.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the wonderful post dedicated to me. I like it. =)
Secondly, the picture is beautiful. I simply like the contrast between the dull colour of the coin against the bright yellow leaf.
Thirdly, I will be awaiting more posts from you.

Warm Regards.