Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hold Onto Me.....left out some words before, bears reposting again...

**I just cannot believe I left out the most important lyrics in this song for me in my prior post
so I think it bears reposting again....also the post of the "Whirlpool" pic below is related to this song
when it talks about "when your in the whirlpool and they try to suck you in remember you
aren't going to drown baby, hang onto me forever Baby, remember, I could always swim"..
But for some reason I could not post the attachment pic with this post...frustrating!...but oh well..
maybe now it may make more sense to some of you....but if not thats cool, I just wanted to remind myself!..:)
The lyrics to this song below are really just a reminder to myself and to encourage myself that
I'm going to make it, going to hold onto myself and going to keep "swimming" and not get
"sucked into the whirlpool".**

Hey this life is never fair
The angels that you need are never there
But sometimes they come to me
In the dead of winter
Dead of night
He's all that I can see

Hold onto me........

We all get our glory
A little bit of fame
But there's no truth at the heart of any of it
Just the brillance and the passion
And the bitterness remain....

How he brings me down
Down into the ground
I never will get out of here
get out of here
I will never get out of here
get out of here....

And I'll protect you from the night
it will never fall
And I'll protect you from the truth
you won't hear it at all
I am the center of the universe
I am the center of the universe.....

When you're in the Whirlpool
And they try to suck you in
Remember you aren't gonna drown Baby
Until you have had a better life
Hang onto me forever Baby
I could always swim

Hush your highness don't you breathe
OH Baby hold me in your arms I'm shivering
What was all that for?
If I was the battle
Baby, you have won the war..........

Lyrics written and sung by Courtney Love, from her CD "America's Sweetheart"......


Burfica said...

I like those lyrics, but I couldn't say as I have ever heard a courtney love song.

Rhiannon said...

Courtney actually has quite a few good songs Burfice! You might want to check out her "Live through this" CD. Its my fav CD of hers, then "America's Sweetheart" is her 2nd best, some very good songs on that CD! "Never gonna be the same" is another good one from that CD. Maybe I will post the lyrics to that one soon. She got me through my cathartic divorce many years ago! Releasing my pain and anger, I sang and danced to her songs and got it out of my "system"..Good therapy! She also has a few ballad type songs that are very good. "Doll Babe" is a very good one. "I am Doll Babe, Doll mouth, doll legs, it stands for nice...for the rest....of my life"....ooh can I relate to that one!

A lot of people won't listen or give a chance to some musical artist because of their reputation. I don't tend to do that. I don't judge their life, just if I like their writing and music. I kind of look at Courtney as a female messed up version of the way Jim Morrison was when he was alive. Look how he will never be forgotten now in musical history because of his immense uniqueness and great talent of writing poetry, his songs, etc..I even got into Eminem quite a bit once I gave him a chance and listened to some of his stuff. I was suprised. He gets you thinking about things, and I think thats good! I read Kurt Cobains "Journals" and it just astounded me how intelligent and perseptive he was. He also was in acute pain for years with horrible stomache problems and one of the reasons he got so messed up.

Will be by your blog soon Burfica, sorry I've been so Awol these days, I still won't be on here much, my life has changed a lot and my priorities..its called "survival"!



Gen said...

Thank you for your comment. I do so appreciate it. You sound like a good human being...and I'm sorry to say if you look really hard you'll find there's very few of us left.

Vince Lane