Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cinderella of the Underworld...

A ruined King
in castles to keep
in the Kingdom
Fatherhood weak
in the Kingdom
Father weeps
never protected the child
from Queenmother
in the Kingdom
of castles to keep...
child now a Lady
the Lady seeks
the Lady weeps.

The Queenmother with naked lies
tried to destroy the life
of the child she despised
evil and blood
is on her hands..

Sisters false judgements
with scarlett swords
always drawn...

But ancient wisdom
and knows...
the Lady with the soul
ancient wisdom
will make the lady whole..

Gate keeper standing guard
at the castle...
The Knight arrives
on a dragon
breathing deadly fire
licking flames
that dart through the night
and destroy all light...

The lady arises
from the ruined Kingdom
knowing she must survive
she must protect herself
to stay alive
from the kingdom
of castles that keep
the Lady knows
the Lady weeps
and then descends
into the Goddess world
that never ends
with buried treasures
of the soul
kept in the underworld
buried treasures
to make the Lady whole
she now arrives
no longer
a Lady in waiting..

Deep waters beckon to her
showing her the way
she is free now
from the ruined Kingdom
no longer a castle to be kept
The Lady of the Lake
into the mist
finding her way
to Emancipation.

*Written by Rhiannon*....January 15th, 2006

*This poem writing probably makes no sense to most
of you, because it's just a cathartic personal "purging"
I'm going through right now and need to release.

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The Solitary Writer. said...

very lovely

i love this....its better than mine amy one...

i wrote it for a cause in a contest whose theme was based on child abuse

i want u to nominate this poem to