Monday, May 02, 2011

Poem titled "Games".....some food for thought....

I wrote this poem many years back..yet it still rings true..if anything even more than ever! sit back and read it and try if you can to be "in the moment" today...Blessings, Rhi

Briefcases attached to our skin...
polished shoes
hair neatly trimmed..
going our own way
can't keep up...
Isn't that what we all say?...

Were running around and around
our minds are spinning
sit quietly down..
now can you hear them?
the birds are singing
the breeze in the trees
their talking to us...
be still if you please.

Look around you
look at all of us..
what are we doing?
and whom are we fooling?
Our lives are like ants
carrying such worry on our backs..
were like trapped mice
on a wheel we spin..
we lock our doors
no one is allowed in.

Honking horns engines rattling
brakes are screaching
time to slow it all down
time to make a change
time for us to see things more clear...
eyes wide open
but we don't see it
nor hear...
Listen...if it all stops...
just for a minute
the soft sound of silence
our hearts gently beating..
the soft sounds of life
within our hearts and souls
peace within
to make us feel whole..

If only we stop and hear the silence
maybe in this world
we could stop all this violence...
the warmth of love and beauty
true hearts beating
to the echo of laughter
instead of hate
if only we would do this
if only we could try...
there's hope for us yet
but it's up to you and I...

*"Sweet Serenity" Painting by Joyce Birkenstock
*Text graphics in the Artwork done by Rhiannon

*Poem written By Rhiannon (Barbara R.) 2004 *Copyrights* owned by B.R.

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goatman said...

"Hearing the silence"
nice image.