Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Homeless live in Boxes and the Rich live in Castles..

I wrote this poem below back in February 2007. I found it in my blog archives and decided to post it again now. I felt the theme to this poem fit well with all that's going on in the world now. I dedicate this simple structured poem (with typo mistakes and all) to many. To the People suffering in Haiti, to the many people living in total poverty and to the homeless and hungry all over the world. I also dedicate this poem to the homeless people suffering here in this country, the "good ole US of A"...and to those living in poverty in this country (which includes myself) with little (if any) medical care or insurance and trying to make it for years all on their own. We are strong in Spirit even if not in body. We all will survive!

Angel Blessings to us all. Let them wrap their loving wings around this world in hopes for a better tomorrow.

Love, Rhi

August 8th, 2008

Povertys last affect
Traumatic rejects....

People homeless
and living in the street
the rich wanting everything
all tidy and neat
deny the homeless
a safe place to stay
deny a human dignity
and send them on their way

Know that everyone has a story
of how this came to be
traumatic rejects
living in poverty...

Deny their cries
Deny their pain
Deny their freezing cold
or sleeping in the rain
Deny them
Babbling lies
Deny them
in our superior
protective disguise
Deny them
when looking
into their haunting eyes....

you look the other way
from traumatic rejects
of society's evil plays
of society's evil ways..

Love thy neighbor it says
but I only see ignorance
and hatred instead
Bigoted, fear
and selfish ways
keep our society
the way it is
and will stay
as long as denial
rules the game
everything will always
stay the same
for you see
denial makes that uncomfortable feeling go away
the thought and feeling that
"Hey that could be me one day"...

Fear rules society
and fear gets its way
and people in castles
will continue to play

Some people put others
into neat little boxes
But the Homeless
are forced to live in them.....
So turn your porch lights off
and go to bed
and pretend
you'll never know
think of something else
for many Homeless
will be cold tonite
and you know full well
that some
will not be waking up
in the morning light...

Thank you for taking the time to read this...

With many Blessings,


Written my Rhiannon (Barbara R.) Feb. 15th, 2007

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goatman said...

I am always surprised when realizing that the "safety net" can be so sparse in a country as rich as ours.
I see them when going to a nearby town to shop and wonder about their stories. Usually though they are standing at freeway exits for donations. Too quick a meeting to actually get to know them.