Friday, February 06, 2009

Angels In The Mist....a poem from my blog angel pic which I added graphics and text to

The angels whisper and weave
their magic around our souls
we rarely see them
in their prescience
of another dimensional door

of light
on the other side

whispering to our souls
trying to get our attention
trying to wake us up
from our deep sleep
of ignorance........

They are sounding trumpets
and riding white horses
through the mist
warning us of dangers
that are hidden from our view...

They are echoes of our hearts
our conscience
our ancient souls
that knew the way
long long ago...
Their calling us back
to our home
our spirits
that always knew
who we were...
long before this lifetime
in a world filled with chaos....

Written by Rhiannon*
*Copyrights owned by Rhiannon (Barbara)....November 2005


Devika said...

Hi Rhi,

Your archives have good poems, enjoyed this one...

Good art work, too


Kylita said...

Loved the top photo and new angel with your poem ... Amen to all that, SisSTAR Rhi, my angel friend. How prophetic your 2005 poem is, eh?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful- and the picture is beautiful!

sister celtic said...

Just dropped by to say HI!

goatman said...

"trying to wake us up." Indeed, it must be a chore for silence to trump distraction.
I saw somewhere where near 70% of those polled believed in angels. An amazing number, to my mind, but one to which I add myself.
A wonderful expression